Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekend Warrior

What a good weekend.
The News Of The World must be desperate if they think their "sting operation" on Sven Goran Eriksson was actually news. I've watched it on TV and read about it and still can't find anything that Sven said or did morally or legally wrong. I like to watch the mighty fall just as much as the next news voyeur, but I don't think setting up someone and then carefully editing their words to fit a scandal actually counts as a headline.
On top of it all, why try and bring down the England coach in a World Cup year?
Maybe, juuust maybe, that's what really pisses me off....

Tit-for-tat alive and well and living somewhere near here. To paraphrase Samir Geagea, "if they (the pro-Syrian camp) hold a big demonstration, we'll hold a bigger one."
My dad can beat up your dad.

My lovely Chelsea powered through to a well-deserved win against Sunderland last night. Arjen Robben got himself a ludicrous second yellow card and a sending-off for celebrating his winning goal with the fans. The ref is obviously a closet Arse-nal fan.

That's pretty much it. I've got the Sunday Times AND the Sunday Telegraph to read.


MacDara said...

not bad for the special one

desmond said...

Cheers mac....don't we have the Pool soon?