Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Take 2

Update - I fixed the link...thanks for the emails!

Look forward to some more comments from our friendly, neighbourhood Syrian whistleblower ex-VP Khaddam on TV tonight. Despite all of your disbelief, it seems that there is still more dirt to dish on the Assad-run regime.
Rustom Ghazali had his 15 minutes of fame yesterday on TV when he declared that he would "step down and even die as a martyr if his leadership wanted."
Martyr? Did he really say martyr? Man, them's some big balls.

It is also looking more likely that Khaddam will somehow present himself as an alternative for leadership in Syria when Assad & his thugs are forced to pack their bags and run for the hills. Unfortunately, Khaddam's 30-something years as a top Baathist architect in the Syrian government only prepared him to be Assad Lite at best. Democracy doesn't become your 'thing' in a lightning bolt in the way, say, religion (or for that matter, lightning itself) supposedly can.
Anyway, to quote Yoda, "interesting still may this become."

Quiet week so far. Enjoy.

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