Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Purely English Post

A detective constable in Nottingham faces the sack after being recorded on video calling a career criminal “pondlife”. The remarks were caught on tape during an unrelated covert operation investigating corruption. The detective was told that the criminal, with many previous convictions, could have been offended had he heard it. The other officers who were with the detective at the time may also face disciplinary action.
When they have robbed your house, mugged you, conned you and killed you, you’ll be happy to know that their fragile psyches won’t be damaged by police insults.
Political correctness can kiss my arse. Go ahead, make my day. Bring back Dirty Harry.

While on the subject of England, I was watching the whole Sven thing unfold on Sky news last weekend. The weather came up and there was a map of the UK with clouds a-swirling around it and rain a-lashing down and generally ugliness of a meteorological nature.
I watched as the weathergirl (or do I have to say weatherperson?) said there would be rain in eastern Britain and pointed to Anglia. I watched as she said rain in western Britain and pointed to Wales.
But I watched and fumed as she pointed to northern Britain and said there would be rain in Scotland.

In last Sunday’s Sunday Times, Minette Marrin has an article entitled ‘England is waking up to the patriot game.’
In it she discusses Gordon Brown’s ridiculous touting of ‘Britishness’. She writes that Brown “feels a worrying excess of Scottishness, well corroborated in opinion polls” and that it is a “nail-biting” problem for him. She continues “Generally speaking most people in England quite like the Scots, even though they seem to hate us. Surveys show we find their accents suggest intelligence and reliability. Politically speaking, however, this easy affection is disappearing fast, as Brown is well aware. Devolution in Scotland and Wales – fought for and introduced by new Labour – has much undermined our common sense of Britishness and fostered instead a new and rather irritable sense of Englishness in the South. Meanwhile Scots feel more Scottish and less British than at any time since 1707, according to some surveys, led astray, possibly by films such as Braveheart.

More importantly the English public is beginning to sit up and take notice of the famous West Lothian question – the problem first identified by the then MP for West Lothian, that Scottish MP’s at Westminster can vote and carry the Commons on domestic policies such as education and health that don’t affect them or their constituencies. The government has increasingly relied on the Scottish vote to push through purely English legislation, against English votes, and yet the reverse is not true; English MP’s have no say over comparable Scottish affairs.
This is obviously unfair, as is the fact that more taxpayers’ money goes to Scotland, per head, for public services than in England, following the old Barnett formula. Devolution has made this long-standing injustice feel worse.
In response, a feeling of English separatism is growing; the English hardly need Scotland and Wales and would be freer and richer without them”……..…. “so (in order for him to reach his ambition to be PM) Brown has to persuade us somehow that he is not that Scottish at all.
No, he’s British. We’re all British (though this leaves out the question of the Northern Irish who aren’t exactly British.) He might even fly the Union Jack. But these questions are not going to go away”……..”The big ideas of Britishness and national identity are now much too fragile to serve the purposes of an ambitious socialist like Brown. There is some justice in that.”

This dismantling of England by the Scottish Mafia (the G-Man excepted) is so insidious.
And AA Gill, that small man-complexed wannabe Scot writer for the Times, is a cunt. (Excuse my language, I won't call him a man again.) Read any of his articles for proof. In the same vein, I used to really like Jeremy Clarkson, a writer and TV presenter for Top Gear, until I found out they are best friends.
There. Enough said.


MacDara said...

Well said and after you get your own country maybe you can find some English person to lead it and not some German.
By the way Billyboshpeen :- a word of uncertain origin used in Hiberno-English to mean a pounding in the head or headache.

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desmond said...

Worse, some German that married a Greek....and your expansive knowledge is giving me a headache.
Mollys possible.

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