Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Playing Catch Up

Great cartoon by Dan Wasserman of the Boston Globe, reprinted in the IHT.

Hamas winning the elections also puts Lebanon in a precarious position regarding the Palestinian "guests" and their guns question. We now have yet another envoy to tackle that situation. I love all this high-level mediation that does absolutely nothing except raise the profile of the envoy and ultimately ends with them trying to force-feed Lebanon some crap solution.
PM Saniora said after a meeting with Egyptian president Mubarak (who is sponsoring the mediation: "Palestinian weapons in the camps should be brought under control and there is no reason why they should leave these camps."

How about "There is no reason why Palestinian weapons should be in the camps at all."? Works for me.

Also, a wonde
rful Beirut headline states: "Extraordinary Parliament Session May Lead To Heated Political Debate." and it wasn't in The Onion.
Doesn't that tickle anyone's funny bone? Am I just blinking in the dark here?

And this story about a Kiwi dog food company wanting to send food aid to Kenya made me laugh uncontrollably, although it's really not that funny.



ghassan said...

The Boston Globe cartoon is a masterpiece!!! Thanks for sharing it.

Mustapha said...

the Naharnet headline is definitely TheOnionish, but this is Naharnet

Dylan said...

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MacDara said...

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