Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Day Before

As if plumbing new depths of incompetence, the Lebanese Cabinet has cancelled its meeting over disagreements over Hezbollah's disarmament and the Lebanese Army deployment in the south, this after "unanimously" accepting the UNSCR 1701. Moral fortitude and courage have been carried out the back door on a gurney yet again although not unexpectedly.

Hezbollah is again overstepping its boundaries with the Lebanese government, once again holding the nation hostage and Israel continues its massive bombardment even as I write this. With just over 12 hours to go before the ceasefire, both sides seem to be getting back to their old tricks - Hezbollah using the pressure that the Lebanese government is under to force things their way and Israel ratcheting up its tally of war crimes.

A Pyrrhic victory for all.


Anonymous said...

Totally pathetic, if indeed true.

ghassan said...

Results of any action are meaningless when measured in individual terms or even in terms of a group of people in society. In the final analysis what counts is impact of an action on the state as a whole. Surely, when looked upon this way no one can argue that Lebanon has been bloodied and that Lebanon is the big loser in this cnflagaration that could have been avoided.

Desmond, it is interesting to note for the ympteenth time who is it that is in control of the strings in Lebanon. HA reversed course only when Iran and Syria voiced their reservations about the process of disarming HA south of the Litani. If any of the cabinet ministers has a backbone and any self dignity he/she should at least insist on recalling our ambassador from Tehran.

Can you imagine what would be the reaction if things were reversed. Assume that a private militia decideds that we need to liberate Sheba'a farms from Syria and that this group receives funding, arms and training say from Norway and that no decisions are made by the surrogates in Lebanon until the Norwegian government signals its approval. Would the rest of the Lebanese just stand by? Of course not.