Monday, February 13, 2006

Then & Now

I'm finding it really hard to drum up any enthusiasm in myself for tomorrow's rally. Nothing stirred inside as it did a year ago - the bickering, posturing and general political lethargy has left me feeling a little empty.
However, I will pay my respects to a man who, however flawed, did try to do something positive for Lebanon.

His son, Saad Hariri has been away for 6 months in fear for his life and returned the day before yesterday because he wanted to be with the Lebanese "on this black day." Jumblatt must be higher up on everyone's shit-list and yet he is able to foxhole it in Mukhtara, so why isn't Saad here? You'd think that as the figurehead of the March 14th movement he (and his handlers) would want to be at least in the same country as the folks they represent.

Aoun seems to be as loopy as ever and is in danger of becoming a real caricature of himself. Even when his supporters say "he's crazy, but crazy like a FOX!" doesn't make him any less away with the fairies.

Lahoud is STILL President.

I find it really difficult to listen to Nasrallah whenever he says anything, because I don't want to live in a Hezbollah-ized Lebanon (and that, ultimately, is his aim) and because I don't subscribe to his conspiracy theories.

And the current government has simply proved its impotence (or incompetence) by successfully doing absolutely nothing. Anywhere else in the world, a government that allowed last week's consulate attacks to happen would have been out the next day. Doing nothing is also criminal.
It is focusing so hard on not pissing anyone off that it has managed to piss everyone off. These times demand strong centrality so for God's sake, take a stand on something.

So forgive my antipathy, fellow citizens, but I won't be out on the streets tomorrow.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day.

(and thanks to 3dflags for the flag)


Jamal said...

what do you mean it has done nothing?

It signed a fuel contract with Kuwait, it approved a parking garage in DT, and it conducted one meeting with Palis to resolve their weapons issue.

You people are so demanding.

desmond said...

You've shamed me....

Charles Malik said...

I feel the same way you do. I don't really feel motivated to go down to Sahet Shuhada. I'll feel particularly unmotivated if it rains.

Last year, I would have been out there come rain and storm. This year, I'm more looking forward to talking this cute girl into having lunch with me afterward at Le Chef.

ghassan said...

Unfortunately, tomorrows' demonstrations/festivities/celebrations...; make a statement about a country and its values. People who are intent on demonstrating their fealty to a person rather than a country and an idea fail the basics of a democracy test.
And please do not justify such childish acts by comparing them to the imbecile and unpatriotic acts of HA. Nothing can justify immaturity.

desmond said...

LP, that's the spirit!

ghassan, no comparisons drawn.