Saturday, March 17, 2007

Faint Praise

Could there possibly be a more damning indictment of any pursuit than to have the Syrian regime praise it as "professional"?
Well that's exactly the term they used to describe Brammertz' latest UN interim report of the investigation into Hariri's murder. I hope Brammertz is just playing his cards very close to his chest because these interim reports have gone from infuriating Syria with accusations against high-ranking Syrian officials by name (remember Mehlis?), to placating her.

Are we to infer that the UN Commission's stance has changed, that in fact Syria had nothing to do with Hariri's murder and countless other acts of violence? A tiger cannot change its stripes. Enough said.

Hariri Jnr. & Berri have been in constant meetings over the past week, consulting over the tribunal (will it, won't it?). Yesterday we had headlines proclaiming success and a compromise over it and today we have headlines "playing down" those same reports. It would be nice if everybody was reading from the same page. Personally, I don't see how there can be a compromise without diluting the authority of the tribunal. Make it more local and we run the risk of riddling it with the congenital corruption and bias that mars every endeavour undertaken in our fair land. I know how trendy it is to support Hezbollah and Aoun (discounting the Shia and some Christians), especially by foreigners living/working/studying here, but believe me, they would be the first to leave if Hezbollah & Co. had their way. There is no argument to support not supporting the tribunal and accusations of foreign influence go both ways so its a self-cancelling argument, don't trot it out.

On a happier note, my lovely Chelsea are still in the race for 3 more titles and have as good a chance as any and a resurgent England rugby team takes to the field for the last games of the 6 Nations.....oh happy day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


JoseyWales said...

Hi Des

Some (most?) expats think that by espousing the more radical/downtrodden local views they are really "integrating". (Maybe that's how Syrian-married Landis turned Baathist hack.)

T'is often the easy thing to do.


desmond said...

Hi Josey,

You're right, it is a quick & easy way to gain "street cred"... pseudo-intellectual Landis being a case in point.

Ms Levantine said...

I see you are posting again now that Chelski is back in the race.

I don't think it is a matter of trying to be hip by supporting HA or Aoun, but rather of acknowledging that we have a problem (and a huge one), and it is not by venting our frustration and demeaning our opponents that we are going to solve it.

As for Landis, much to do about nothing.

PS: Is it the tiger or the zebra that cannot change its stripes? Or both?

desmond said...

Good to see you again...
My lovely Blues are always in the race! How are your claret & blues doing, by the way?!

We all know there's a problem, but I strongly disagree that espousing a party that enables Syria's Lebanon policy is a way out of it.

How about a compromise - leopards and their spots?

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