Monday, March 13, 2006

Is Everyone Here?

Monday is finally here. I've been waiting impatiently all weekend in the throes of excitement just to see what's going to happen to the National Dialogue today. After cutting it short and blaming everything on the mercurial Walid Jumblatt (unreasonable, unpredictable and unbalanced are other traits attributed to him but you have to make up your own mind), the national leaders reconvene to hammer out an agreement over the most crucial issues facing our country today.

My interest in it, though, remains firmly in the area of vocabulary.
If, to quote Speaker Nabih Berri, "failure is not an option", then what word or expression could be used if the whole farce is a complete and utter waste of time? My own personal favourite is "What meeting?"
Suggestions are more than welcome.

Can we blame Israel? Can we blame the CIA or the Mukhabarat? Or will we do what we do best and have a Mexican standoff with fingerpointing?

Hope your weekend was good. Mine was one of mixed blessings, of joy and bitterness, of great happiness and utter abjection. The weather was extraordinary with a bit of a chill in the air but blindingly blue skies.
On Saturday, my lovely Chelsea took a 2-1 win against Spurs, with Gallas cracking in a superb strike with seconds left to play. The Barcelona games are becoming a distant memory and hurt much less now that we are back on track for the Premiership.
Sunday, in contrast, was painful. Not only did England lose against France in the 6 Nations tournament, but were utterly thrashed by a so-so French team. I'm still hurting so be gentle.

Huge thanks to MacDara who kept his word (and commiserations for the Irish Blog Awards) - during the Scotland-Ireland match Mac asked me who I was supporting and I told him that I was applauding both teams (friends on both sides of that one). In a grand gesture, Mac then said he wouldn't applaud the French on Sunday. He obviously didn't applaud England, but I thought his abstention from clapping the Frogs was a nice touch and much appreciated because everybody knows that there is nothing worse than a smug Frenchman. Again.



Mustapha said...

You speak for everyone:
Hope your weekend was good. Mine was one of mixed blessings, of joy and bitterness, of great happiness and utter abjection

Hope you have a great week, but I'm sorry to say your question will still be a tad hard to answer..

ghassan said...

Introspection and self criticism are habits that are alien to our pols. Of course fingerpointing!!!!

graeme said...

so i came back from the snows of yorkshire this morning, found the politicos still at it, getting in between me and a decent lunch yet again(literally) and flew out to cairo this evening.. back on weds

Theresa said...

I love reading your blog! Not much to comment today but wanted you to know I popped by.. and smiled.

Utter abjection? Sounds so serious. Glad to see I'm not the only one on the emotional rollercoaster. Cheers.

Theresa said...

Perhaps that is what is missing in the deterrent argument - a more public execution. Even if we didn't go so far as to do it literally, in public, perhaps we should move away from doing it at 12:01am when most of us are asleep. T.

MacDara said...

Happy St Patricks Day

graeme said...

still recovering..? lost your blogging skills on the dance floor ?

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